Posted by: maritarunde | November 5, 2010


We had to take the opportunity to go 4 hours south to the amazing city of San Francisco, from monday through wednesday. Three Norwegians and a babe from San Diego went to the city, and we stayed in an amazing apartment (for free) close to town. The days started with Italian breakfasts and coffee outside at the café or at Pier 39, while the sun was shining and a man was decorating a big Christmas tree close to us! Crazy – its getting closer to Christmas and still the sun is shining and we are walking around i t-shirts and shorts!

We did all the tourist things in the city, and we were also a part of Giants winning parade down town, they won 3-1 against a team from Texas…Fireworks in the night was a part of the celebration – or, thats what we thought. It was actually a man who got shot close to out apartment!! Creepy!!
A lot of walking, shopping, eating and money spending later, we ended up at the Golden gate bridge before we went back to Redding.

I saw a man standing there with his video camera, recording himself while he was talking a lot. I said to the other girls that I wished I had kissed him on the cheek before I went back in the car, and totally regret that I didnt do it. Linn, a good Norwegian friend said “I dare you to go kiss him” – so, thats what I did. After I did that, he told me he was a celebrity, he calls himself “ManOfTruth”. Wiiiha.

Its kinda sad to tell, but most of the shopping was done at H&M and IKEA! I realized how much I missed the stores when the smell while I entered the stores reminded me of home 🙂



  1. hmm… eg må seie at eg e ikkje flink i engelsk ;O men kem e han fyren??
    (ps: kan du skrive litt norsk og? :D)

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